It's time that someone says what's on everybody's mind!  "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?" The General conception  is "NO!"  At "WWW.SHAZIZZ.COM",  we hope to change your mind.  However, we are not here to force our belief's on anyone!  I, personally, do not judge anyone by their "RACE or RELIGION nor BELIEF'S."  Is is not my place to judge. I feel that a person's character and actions, in life, does that for them! The good Lord, whoever that may be to you, has seen fit to give us the gift of "CHOICE", along with all the resources needed to take care of one another. And, it is my belief that what we do with this gift is what makes the difference in the type of world we live in. There are billions of people on this planet doing pretty much the same thing as you and I!  Just trying to survive, raise their families and build a better tomorrow for those they love. Everyone has a story to tell. Some Sad! Some Happy! But, the fact remains, as many people that are on this planet, no two are the same! Call me "Crazy!" But, I still believe in a better world! No one should go to bed hungry , cold , sad or alone. We were put on this earth, "In my belief", to take care of one another.  And, to learn how to be better soul's!  This world has so many possibilities.  Each individual has the "POWER" to affect the  "ENTIRE WORLD!"  Believe it or not! A wise man once said, " If you throw a pebble into a pond, the ripples from that pebble hitting the water will eventually touch every side of the pond!"  If you stop and think about that for a minute, I believe that the light bulb will come on in your mind and you will, truthfully, see that 'you', as a person, have amazing power to affect change for good or bad!  You are that pebble!  I don't claim to be perfect, by no means.  I just subscribe to the belief that "ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!"  Some folks just make really bad choices, that will in the long run, affect all of mankind at some point or another. Think about something for a moment,  "What If! - We are all right in what we believe?". The truth is out there for us to find!  I am not GOD! I would not want to be.  That's too much responsibility.  But, if I were, I would appear before each culture in a different form.  Like Moses and the burning bush! Or,  the Chinese as Buda and so on!  Maybe, what we are all fighting over is simply the fact that we have not figured out , they are all one in the same!  It's just a thought, not meant to offend anyone or their beliefs!  If we are all truly to be treated equal, then each of us has to keep and open mind and practice the fine art of tolerance for one another.  Alone, one man can invent a device that has the power to connect the world, across global boundaries and give people a chance to make a friend clear around the globe!  If one man can do this alone.....Imagine what we all could accomplish working together!  Are these words just the ramblings of a fool?  Or, maybe, a good direction to strive towards 'together for the future of all mankind'!  An "Atheist, a person who believes in no god, once said, "When you die, it's all over.  There is no heaven, nor, is there a hell!"  I said, "You might be right my friend!  If what you say is true, that's all the more reason, because life is so short, that we should leave for the next generation, good things for them to remember us by! In your belief, we don't get a second chance".  The look on the face of the Atheist was that of a light bulb coming on inside. With all that said, I shall close with this!  Your views, your lives, your thoughts and stories do matter on our site.  We want you to share them with the world. We will post not, nor tolerate, anything even remotely to do with "HATE or OBSCENITY! "  ON THIS SITE!"  This is a place to learn, share our lives and stories with one another.  And, to have fun like "FAMILIES DO!"  Thanks for stopping by.  We look forward to your next visit! Send your ideas, comments and thoughts to us, along with ways to improve our services and make your visit more pleasant and productive  to SHAZIZZ@YAHOO.COM .












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